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Link Building For SEO: Actionable Guide For Beginners

What Is Link Building?

Link building refers to the procedure of acquiring links from websites, to improve the organic ranking. Backlinks boost the authority of a site on search engines such as Google which increases the visibility of search engines.
    • Content Marketing
    • Outreach
    • Guest Posting
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Digital PR

Why Is Link Building Important For SEO?

Link building is an important SEO technique since links are an integral part of the algorithm for ranking in search engines and may affect the rankings of your site. Search engines view the incoming links as a vote of trust that comes from websites. Every link to your website tells search engines that other websites consider your content to be valuable and reliable. Good-quality links from incoming sources have a higher chance to be ranked higher in the search results as opposed to websites with no or fewer links.

How To Build Links For SEO

Many beginners find it difficult to grasp the process of building links. To make it easier the methods used to build links can be put into four main categories.

Ask for Links

The first step is to ask for links. This is essentially looking for websites that could link to you, then contacting them and asking them for links. Strategies for this include guest blogging broken link creation, becoming a source for journalists, obtaining hyperlinks from manufacturers’ or partners’ websites, and a myriad of others.

Add Links

The second option is likely the simplest, however, it’s also the most ineffective. This is the process of adding your hyperlinks to sites like social media profiles, directories of business forums, review sites, forums, and more. The main issue with this method is that the majority of hyperlinks will not affect your SEO. They are great to brand your site and bring the attention of your website but they aren’t going to make a difference.

Earn Links

Link building through is an efficient and efficient method of building links. It is a scenario in which other website owners consider your content valuable and hyperlink to your content. A professional link building services in USA that will provide you with the appropriate kind of link that will boost your rankings.

Buy Links

The purchase of links violates Google rules and could get your site in trouble. Google uses a variety of methods to identify fake hyperlinks and to impose Google Penalties on websites that break the rules. My advice is to avoid purchasing links or other methods that are spammy because shortly, Google will find out and your rankings are likely to be affected.

What Is a High-Quality Link?

Website Authority

Website Authority is a crucial element in determining the credibility of a website’s link. Search engines consider websites with excellent authority to be credible and reliable sources. If a website hyperlinks to your website they interpret it as a signal it is relevant and useful. Websites with high authority have a solid brand name and have a great standing among their users. They consistently publish high-quality content and also have links to other authoritative websites. For instance, a link to the Washington Post, Forbes, or Wall Street Journal is a strong endorsement of the high that your website’s content.

No Follow Tag

A quality link must include “do follow” to have any significance in SEO rankings. If a hyperlink has this feature “rel=nofollow” attached, this informs search engines that they should not think of this as a “vote for trust between one site and another. Here’s an example an example of a non-following link. Social media links, platforms such as forums, social media, and comments aren’t followed and are not relevant to SEO. To determine if a URL is nofollow to determine if it is nofollow, open the webpage that contains the link in Google Chrome. Choose the link’s text then right-click and select Inspect from the drop-down menu. Other link attributes that do not give any authority to the website that is linked to are:
    • rel=”sponsored” is used to indicate links in ads and other forms of content that is sponsored.
    • rel =”UGC” It is used to store user-generated content such as forums and comments.

Anchor Text

The anchor text can be described as the portion of a link that can be clicked and is accessible to users. Search engines use anchor text to comprehend the linked content more clearly. It informs search engines as well as users what the website is about. If the link originates from a trusted website that doesn’t have a “nofollow” or “nofollow” tag, it can help improve the page’s ranking for the term ” link building”.


One of the main factors that differentiate good and unfavorable links is what they contain they are located. The link will benefit the site if its information is relevant to the page it is linking to. If however the link is located on a site with completely insignificant content, this could hinder SEO efforts. For instance, a hyperlink from a fashion site to a tech site appears suspicious and will probably not aid your search engine rankings. When you’re getting hyperlinks for your site Make sure they’re placed on relevant websites or pages that have similar content.

Link Placement

The position of a link within the page is also a crucial aspect. The rule of thumb is the more prominent the position of the link is, the more credibility it gives to the page it links to. If getting a hyperlink higher than the fold isn’t possible The next best place is inside an article’s text. The footer of the page or sidebars does not have substantial SEO value.

No Outgoing Links

Another aspect that is often overlooked for SEOs, is the quantity of links outgoing to pages. If a site has a high number of outgoing links, the page’s authority given to the linked domains will be divided between the hyperlinks. Simply put the link is of lesser value. To summarize an excellent link that could impact your ranking position in SERPs possesses these characteristics:
    • It’s a link to a related website.
    • It was not a payment or part of an exchange program.
    • It is often difficult to obtain.
    • It is a highly credible website, which is which is backed by Google.
    • It is located on the body portion of the page (not the footer or sidebar).
    • It does not include the tag ‘nofollow.

Best Strategies For Link Building

Link building is among the most efficient and difficult off-page SEO strategies. The primary reason for this is that high-quality links aren’t easy to acquire. If a website’s link is simple to acquire, it will have lesser value since your competitors are likely to get it. There are a variety of ways to create links, however they’re not all equal. The following are tried and tested methods that have produced positive results for our company over many years.

Linkable Content

This is the most effective method for building links. Making linkable content can attract links naturally without any additional work. It’s not an abstract concept. It’s a reality if you are willing to make hyperlink magnets. From industry experience and research From industry data and experience, the kind of content that can naturally be a magnet for hyperlinks has the following features:
    • Statistics from the industry
    • Surveys
    • Original research and research
    • Free Tools (calculators, estimators, etc.)
    • Visually appealing and well-formatted
When you have created link-worthy content You can earn links in two different ways. The first is optimizing it for SEO to ensure it ranks high in SERPs for keywords related to it. The results of a search will naturally draw hyperlinks from interested websites.

Mentions Into Links

An unpopular method of gaining hyperlinks is to look on the internet to find mentions that refer back to your business. If your site has excellent quality content and a good reputation, then there are likely to be unlinked mentions on other websites. It’s a good start, but it’s not as effective as converting these references into links. Examine the results and look for the mentions of your company that don’t include hyperlinks. Send a personalized email to call the person who is responsible for editing the article and request that they include the link. The other option is to utilize a web monitoring tool, like Google Alerts (it’s free), and be alerted of any new mentions. Visit Google Alerts and create an alert for the keywords you wish to keep track of. You’ll be notified of any references to your brand which you can follow to earn hyperlinks.

Guest Posting

Guest posts are a technique for building links which was popular in the past since it was straightforward. When Google guidelines got more rigid and a lot of big brands began to not follow the links, it became difficult to accomplish. The reality about guest posting can be that they are effective when executed correctly. Here’s how to get the most from guest posting to build links: Begin with a basic query that incorporates your main keyword with popular guest post terms. For instance:
    • “Digital Marketing” + “write for us”
    • “Digital Marketing” + “guest post guidelines”
    • “Marketing Services ” + “contribute”
    • “Digital Marketing” + “submit a guest post”
    • “Digital Marketing” + “guest post” -directory
    • “Digital Marketing” + “write for us” -forum
Make use of tools such as SEMrush as well as Ahrefs to determine potential sites in terms of high quality and authority in the domain. Be aware that a link to an authority-rich site in your field is much superior to an unrelated link that comes from a different industry.
    • Create High-Quality Content: Read the guidelines on the hosting site and adhere to them to increase the chance of getting your post published. Your content must be well-researched, informative, and be of the reader with value. Remember, the objective isn’t just to gain the link, but to connect with an audience that isn’t there already and possibly increase traffic to your website.
    • Develop relationships, not just links: Guest publishing is an ongoing approach. Join the community on the site respond to comments made on your post, and be regular contributors on social media.
    • Monitor Your Backlinks: After your guest post has been published, keep an eye on the article to ensure that your backlink stays active, and the site doesn’t change to nofollow. We designed a straightforward Google Sheets script with the aid of ChatGPT to track all of our backlinks.

Targeted Content

Another method of gaining hyperlinks on your site is to advertise it to the right individuals. When we say the right people, we refer to journalists, bloggers, or other influencers within your area who will appreciate and promote your content. It is possible to do this by:
    • Pay-per-click social media advertisements: Platforms like LinkedIn are ideal for locating those who are ‘journalists editors, reporters, or journalists. Make use of LinkedIn’s precise options for targeting to deliver ads directly to professionals. Create a compelling ad copy that connects with your targeted people, and highlights the content’s unique insight or value.
    • Finding the best Influencers:Identify Influential Individuals in your field who have the trust and respect of your public. Engage through their content and develop relationships before reaching them with your content.
    • Marketing via email: Use the newsletter feature to inform your readers of the latest material.
    • Retargeting: Make use of retargeting ads to keep your information front and center of users who have displayed interest in your company regardless of whether they’re previous customers or have viewed your social media or website profiles. Platforms such as Facebook will allow you to show targeted ads to these people and remind them of the importance of your content urging users to return and share the content.

Broken Link

The concept behind Broken Link Building is to aid webmasters to fix damaged links that are on their sites by resolving them by adding links to relevant content on your site. Here’s how to implement this strategy efficiently:
    • Find websites that relate to your field.
    • Utilize Ahref’s Broken Link Checker software (it’s completely free) to look for broken links.
    • Check the hosted and linked content when you notice an unresponsive link. This allows you to provide the most suitable replacement.
    • You must ensure that your content meets or exceeds the high quality and importance of the missing content. If you don’t have any existing content, you should consider making a complete piece of content that will be valuable to the site’s visitors.
    • Send a personal email to the website’s owner to inform them of the broken link, and offer your content for a replacement.
    • If you don’t get any response, you can make sure to send a follow-up message within a couple of weeks.

How Many Links Do You Need For SEO?

You need to have a better link profile than your rivals to stand out in link building. This doesn’t mean that you must have greater hyperlinks (in quantities) but rather, have more reliable links. Review the link profiles of your competition to determine the average number and quality of the links you require. Try to obtain better links from authoritative and relevant websites. Also, be aware that if your website’s content doesn’t meet the criteria for search the site will not be ranked even if you have the top links.

Best Link Building Tools

We have compiled a checklist of top tools for building links that you can employ to automatize your link-building efforts as far as possible. The most important tools include:
    • SEMrush: SEMrush HTML0 offers backlink analytics as well as competitor analysis tools that help you discover and maximize opportunities to build links.
    • Ahrefs: – Similar to SEMrush. It allows you to track your backlinks, and identify potential new links to purchase.
    • Google Alerts: Create alerts for your company or specific keywords, to keep track of online mentions, and provide opportunities to search for backlinks.
    • JustReachOut: It makes it easier to find and connect with bloggers and journalists to make your link-building and PR efforts more specific and efficient.
  • HARA: connects you with journalists seeking expert insight providing opportunities to acquire high-quality backlinks from reliable media sources. Helps locate email addresses that are associated with any website, which is essential for effective outreach for your link-building campaigns.

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