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Beginner’s guide to learning the English Language

As an Indian youngster, you must have studied  English in your academic days. But it is not new that many youngsters find it hard to conversate in English. Well, the fault is not credited to our incredible teachers. They have worked hard from the depth of their hearts in helping us learn English. But the fault actually resided in the education system that only makes us learn English to pass the subject rather than using it as a medium to conversate or apply in practical life.

But now as you are starting your journey of learning the English language again, make sure to learn the language with the intention to use it in your daily life and conversate with other people who know English very well. With the help of this blog, we will direct you to the right approach that might help you become proficient in English. 

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Take a look at the following approach to learning the English language with the utmost efficiency:

We are assuming that you already have a brief understanding of basic prepositions, conjunctions, and other basic grammar rules. 

  • Gerunds and infintives 

It is good to start with gerunds and infinitives once you have acquired a brief understanding of the prepositions, conjunctions, verbs, adjectives, etc. Well, you have to understand the application of “to” as infinitives. The proper understanding of the “to+base form of the verb” will help you form sentences in the English language. 

Analyze the meaning of “ I am going to market to buy the products” and “I am going market for buying the products.” 

Here, in the former sentence, the emphasis is on the products but in the later sentence, the emphasis is on the action i.e. buying. You will get access to vast online sources or tutorials to acquire a profound understanding of this concept.

  • Explore the three words daily 

Loving your dictionary and spending with it can help you strengthen your command of the English language. Get the finest dictionary or you can prefer the Oxford dictionary,  find a perfect spot, and start to explore new words from your dictionary. We are pretty sure that working on improving your vocabulary will help you master the English language. Go slow and focus on learning the profound meaning of the words. 

  • Verbs 

Learning verbs could be quite easy for you this time as you might have studied them already during academics. It is good to understand them profoundly with the aid of examples. You will get a never-ending list of tutorials to assist you in understanding the verbs profoundly. Thus, learning verbs is compulsory for English learners. 

  • Create examples

English is learned by learning, analyzing, and applying. To learn, you will have the books, and to analyze, you would have a plethora of examples on the web, but to apply, you have to make effort. Create examples by yourself and check if this is right or not. There would be a time when the exact answer to your confusion will be revealed. Thus,  create examples and analyze them to check if you have applied them correctly or not. With the passage of time, you will start to gain proficiency in the language. 

  • Expose yourself to English 

The best way to expose yourself to the English language is to read the best novel. If you don’t have a passion to read novels then, you haven’t come across the best noble yet. Get knowledge of some best novels and choose the best one to elevate your proficiency in the English language. Otherwise, you can also elevate your English proficiency by watching movies, reading newspapers, etc. 

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The tips mentioned above will be quite beneficial for beginners who wish to speak English like a pro or use this language proficiently in daily life. Furthermore, rely on good books to acquaint yourself with the rules profoundly. 

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