ELF Bar 5000

Everything In Detail About Disposable Vapes | ELF Bar 5000

Are you considering purchasing disposable vapes to begin your vaping journey? There are numerous varieties available in the collection of vapes. However, because of the disposable feature, the ELF Bar BC5000 is ideal if you are new to the world of vaping. It is a prefilled device with e-liquid that can last up to 5,000 puffs. Plus, it is a box-shaped device with a duckbill mouthpiece that makes inhalation quicker and easier. It also has a rechargeable battery with a charging port at the bottom. Let’s discuss all these things in brief for better product knowledge in detail.

What are the characteristics of ELF bar 5000?

Are you considering purchasing disposable vapes to begin your vaping journey? Before buying, these are some of the characteristics and features of which you must be aware. So, have a deep overview of the amazing features.

                  S.No.        Feature    Detail
                  1.        Disposable VapeIt is a disposable vape that can be an ideal choice for the one who just wants to try new products.You can use it till the maximum puff capacity lasts. After that, you can buy a new one.
                  2.              No. of  PuffsThe number of maximum puffs lasts up to 5000.You can enjoy every puff with the perfect blend of flavor in your mouth.
                  3.            Tank CapacityIt is a 13 ml prefilled and pre-charged device.You can use it till the E-liquid lasts in the tank, after that, you can throw out the old one and buy a new one.
                  4.             WeightThe ideal weight of the device is 53 mg, therefore is easy to carry along.It will only require a small space in your bag or pocket i.e., portable.
                  5.        Nicotine StrengthIt has only 5% or 50mg of nicotine. It can act as a good alternative for those who want to quit smoking.
                  6.          Built-in BatteryThe battery is 650mAh built-in so you can’t replace the battery.It is also a rechargeable battery, therefore if in between the battery gets low, you can simply charge it.It also has an incident light in the bottom for a low and fully-charged battery.
                  7.          Charging CableYou can simply charge the battery using a USB-C type cable.It is not included along the product packaging, therefore you can use any spare cable available at home.
                    8.          Heating ElementDual-mesh coil is used as a heating element inside the device.The E-liquid gets converted into vapors with the help of this heating element. After That, you can simply inhale and feel the flavor.
                    9.          FlavorsThe flavors available are around 57 in the count, but there are the top 5 flavors that are most popular i.e., strawberry banana, Pineapple Coconut Tce, Triple Berry ice, Mango Peach and lemon mint, etc.

These are some of the characteristics of ELF Bar 5000 that you must know if considering buying. The best thing about these products is they are disposable i.e., simple to use and throw. No worry about replacing and changing the battery. If looking for a long-term investment in vapes then, reusable vapes can be an ideal choice for you.

The world of vaping is full of new, unique products. There are numerous things to explore and try when you buy Elf bars. Every puff offers a new experience and exposure.


ELF Bar 5000  is a disposable vape that is an ideal option for those who believe in exploring new product types. Simply use it, throw it away, and buy a new one. There are various other choices from which to choose. Just explore the features of various product types and make the final choice.

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