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Reasons Why An IT Security Expert Should Be A CISSP Certified Professional

CISSP is one of the most popular information technology and information security certifications. Every cyber security course sought under CISSP is 100% worth it. This certification has a proven track record of more than 25 years. A candidate having this certification implies excels both in terms of knowledge and experience.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider obtaining CISSP certification being an IT security expert.

Here are the seven reasons:

●   You can earn a hike in your current salary as an IT security expert. Various aspects are core to the CISSP, like the vast knowledge about cybersecurity, hands-on experience in cybersecurity with at least four years of paid employment, and some strong work ethics. Employers pay you a high salary as they value your CISSP certification.

●    The CISSP certification promises you exponential growth. There is a lot of demand for CISSP-qualified personnel, but not enough candidates fulfil the cyber security course eligibility criteria. The Cybersecurity Workforce study indicated a global cyber workforce was short of 2.9 million men as well as women. Hence, it is the best time to obtain a CISSP certification. The CISSP certification from the EC council provides a golden opportunity to advance their careers.

●   This certification gives you an edge over others and helps you stand out among your peers and competitors. As it is difficult to obtain CISSP certifications, achieving it implies that you are a candidate with extraordinary skills as you have grasped the cyber security course syllabus. Every company needs effective cybersecurity leadership in today’s day and age. You are a strong leader in the field of cybersecurity in that company. The 2017 Cyber Security Trends report stated that CISSP is the most valued credential among potential employers.

●   You get a better idea about every aspect of the cybersecurity landscape. This certification covers the principal elements of cybersecurity of the entire cybersecurity course syllabus, from risk and security management to network security to communication and security test operations. It ensures that every IT security expert gets a strong idea about all the aspects of information security and knows how different aspects of security work in an organizational ecosystem.

●   After you attain this certification, you will have years of hands-on cybersecurity experience. All the prerequisites for this exam help you gain credibility in cybersecurity, as you will be doing every cybersecurity course with 100% efficiency. This certification will provide you with demonstrated years of hands-on experience. 

●   You will gain an edge over other candidates as you pursue the best of the cyber security online course. This certification contributes exponentially to your resume. As the certification is a product of years of research and development, possessing it does increase your self-worth. The CISSP is a prerequisite in many reputed organizations like the Australian Government IRAP, the CISSP-ISSAP, and the CISSP-ISSEP.

● You get an opportunity to become a part of the largest association of cybersecurity professionals from all over the globe. This is the added benefit of obtaining the CISSP certification. You get the membership of ISC, which is 1,40,000 members strong and offers various professional development courses via the PDI (Professional Development Institute).

You get to be a part of industry events like the Secure Summits and technical webinars discussing the new cybersecurity trends. This certification is significant for your personal as well as professional growth. It is as important as taking up a cyber security online course.


The CISSP from the EC council has won awards and accolades over the years. It has also been named the Best Professional Certification Program by SC Magazine numerous times. It consistently ranks among the Top 10 information technology certifications. You can contemplate the importance of CISSP certification and how this certification can give a boost to your career on so many levels. You will have to meet the cyber security course eligibility criteria and put in tremendous effort to obtain this certification. If you have a proper strategy, it won’t be difficult to pass this examination.

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