The Pinal Scandal – The Latest Twist in the Pinal Scandal

Controversies often become headline news within the celebrity world, from messy abusive relationships to legal battles and family feuds.

4 pinay scandal has garnered significant media coverage, as it involves Gretchen Barretto and her sister Claudine, with reports suggesting she is dating businessman Atong Ang.

1. Atong Ang and Gretchen Barretto

Gretchen and Marjorie became embroiled in a public family feud following the passing of their father, drawing Atong Ang into it. Though they have been seen together holding hands and sleeping on the same plane, he denied having an intimate relationship with her and instead stated they are “business partners in online sabong”, along with being friends of Tonyboy Cojuangco who they both reportedly share as partners in online sabong business.

Gretchen Barretto has shown through her Instagram posts that she is still partying with Felix Ang and his friends, sharing photos with Dominique Cojuangco as well as Felix Ang. Gretchen claimed she and Felix are not romantically involved despite Marjorie Barretto’s assertion in an exclusive TV Patrol interview that Atong is her sister’s boyfriend; Felix Ang has since confirmed this stance and stated his no romantic ties exist between themselves and any of the Barretto sisters.

2. Atong Ang and Marjorie Barretto

Charlie “Atong” Ang, an executive from Charlie Atong Limited in Singapore, has recently made headlines over his role in Gretchen Pinal’s theft of Atong from her niece Nicole during her interview on TV Patrol. Following this revelation, photos showing Gretchen sleeping and holding hands with Atong emerged online; though Atong denied dating Gretchen but said they are simply travel buddies.

Gretchen and Atong first became close years ago while she was part of the group ST Queens with Rita Avila and Cristina Gonzales – three popular softcore actresses who appeared in movies such as Ang Lihim Ng Golden Buddha and Tukso at that time.

After dating Nicole, who later went on a rampage at their father’s wake, Atong and Gretchen soon became close; Atong even called Gretchen “the love of his life”. Both are still friends today.

3. Atong Ang and Claudine Barretto

Pinoy celebrities frequently find themselves embroiled in controversial situations, from abusive relationships to business rivalry. Be it an infidelity scandal or ongoing feuds with co-stars, these celebrity spats make waves online.

Atong Ang has finally addressed his relationship with the women of the Barretto family. According to reports, his encounters with Claudine and Gretchen Barretto was initiated following a catfight that occurred at their late father Miguel Barretto’s wake where Atong became embroiled in their dispute – with Claudine accusing Gretchen of taking him “by force”.

Atong denied these reports and stated that his relationship with both sisters is strictly professional – they are partners in their casino and cockfighting businesses. Atong further clarified that Raymart is his good friend as well. Additionally, Atong played an integral part in helping to remove Japanese gaming magnate Kazuo Okada from operating Okada Resorts and Casino in Manila.

4. Atong Ang and Nicole Barretto

After their father died, the Barretto sisters fell into deep dispute. Marjorie and Nicole particularly disliked Gretchen for her romantic choices – first with Dennis Padilla then with former Caloocan mayor Enrico Echieverri; all married men.

Conflict between Gretchen and Marjorie escalated when Marjorie claimed Gretchen stole Atong Ang, business partner of Tony Boy Cojuangco, away from Nicole Barretto – although Atong denied such claims and maintained they are only friends/business partners.

Gretchen made her comments public via ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol show. In it, she responded to viral photos allegedly depicting herself and Ang together; these allegedly show them sleeping, holding hands, or touching one another; additionally they were photographed together at an airport facility and on a plane together as well. However, Gretchen insisted Atong and Nicole do not date.

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