The Romans came along

Turkey’s first cities were founded on the west coast, around the shores of the Mediterranean. In ancient times, people lived here as fishing and trading communities. Eventually, the Romans came along, and many towns were established under Roman rule.

In the Middle Ages, the Turks conquered the western region of Anatolia and Turkish soldiers captured many of the local Greek and Byzantine soldiers and put them in slavery. Over the centuries, more settlements and towns were built. Nowadays, many of the ancient cities have been revived.

The first city was Amasya, which is located on the eastern icmeler hotel side of Turkey, near the Black Sea. It was founded in the middle of the 4th century BC. Later, it became a bishopric. Today, it is a city known for its old Roman bridges and its traditional Turkish houses.

Amasya is the site of an ancient amphitheater. The best thing about Amasya is that you can see it for free. It is open during the day. The city is worth visiting because of its history. Some of the places you can visit in Amasya include:

The Byzantine Museum This museum has a collection of antiquities. It also includes sculptures and mosaics from the early Christian era. You can see all sorts of stuff here.

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