There are two kinds of repeaters; ground-based repeaters

A walkie talkie is a radio with a speaker that is built into it. The user holds it in his hands and talks into it like a normal telephone, although you can also carry it around in a pocket or bag. A walkie talkie has four buttons; one each for the receiver and the speaker and two more for the microphone. Most walkie talkies are designed to allow you to listen and talk on the same radio at the same time.

Some walkie talkies will only allow you to listen on the one side, while others will allow you to speak as well. Some walkie talkies are cordless, while others are tethered Two way radios to another device like a cell phone. Walkie talkies are popular for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. You can also use it for parties or anywhere where you need to transmit your voice.

This type of radio will work just like a traditional radio. When someone speaks into the speaker, it sends the voice to the receiver. The receiver is connected to a transmitter which then relays the voice to a repeater. It is possible to transmit the voice of the receiver to several repeaters so that it can be heard over a wide area. There are two kinds of repeaters; ground-based repeaters and satellite repeaters.

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