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How to Maintain Your Pool After Installation-6 Amazing Tips

Many people love to cool down in the pool during the hot-summer season and they prefer to skip their routine tasks due to the hot weather. People often find the place where they can feel good in the cold water and enjoy with the summer time. If you are one of those who owns the swimming pool at your home, you must be finding the ways to maintain it, right? The Atlanta pool builder got your back because they know maintenance of the swimming pool is one of the most important and daunting tasks. Everyone wants to jump into the pool and enjoy but still, they find a lot of dust in the pool. If you are looking for the ways to clean or maintain you pool, this article is for you because 6 amazing maintenance tips will resolve your issue. 

  1. Use Pool Vacuum for Dust and Debris

It is easy to plan for cleaning the pool on weekend but implementing on the plan is one of the most crucial tasks. It is a long way that starts from the sanitary perspective, keeping the surface  of the pool neat and clean from the dust can keep you away from various infections. The experts at the Atlanta pool builder advice their customers to use the vacuum for cleaning the swimming pool on weekly or monthly basis. 

There is no need to buy the new vacuum for cleaning the pool, you can use the indoor carpet and hardwood vacuums for this purpose. The main purpose of using the vacuum is to remove the dust and debris from your pool. Even you can use the brush for cleaning the walls of the pools apart from vacuuming the pool on weekly basis. 

  1. Maintain the Water Level

The experts at the pool companies in Atlanta claim that maintaining the water level is also one of the most important tasks when it comes to maintaining the pool. If you keep rise the water level of your pool, it can throw the chemical balance in the water. You can also check the water skimmer and filter if there is no appropriate level in the pool. The fault in the skimmer and filter can enhance the tough time of the pool cleaning. 

  1. Clean the Filter of Your Pool

If you clean the filter of your pool, you are performing the one-third task of its cleaning. However, cleaning the filters includes the circulation, filtration, chemistry which makes the pool perfect. You set the frequency of filter when you are cleaning it depending on the use of the people at your home. 

The experts at the pool installation Atlanta claim that there are some indications for cleaning the filter of your pool. Here are some abnormal signs for cleaning the pool: 

  • Odor from the pool. 
  • Clogged drains
  • Inactive hose cleaner.

Also, some pools have cartridge filters that demand monthly maintenance depeding on the size of the filters. You can clean these pools from every four to six months. 

  1. Check the Water Chemistry

If you own the swimming pool at your home, it is your duty to maintain the proper water chemistry in the pool. A corrosive water can damage the surface of the pool, euipment for pools, and pool decks and bathers.  

  1. Monitor the Chlorine 

According to the recent research, there is 3 parts per million of the chlorine is present in your pool. Some people use the tablets for their swimming pools after and event or some use these tablets when they are leaving their place for two to three weeks. If you feel eye burning or a strong smell near the pool or from the inside of the pool, when you are using it, you should perform a home test for checking the level of chlorine in the pool water. 

Different people have different believes, some people say chlorine have no use or benefits for killing the germs in the water. But some people on the other side, use the chlorine for killing the bacteria or germs from the water. The experts at the Atlanta pools says that chlorine is the most strong and notable cleaning solution for various pools. Interestingly, the addition of chlorine does not discolor the pool surface and declorozied the water. 

  1. Make a Cleaning Schedule of Pool

It is very hard for pool owners to stay updated regarding the tools that are required for the pool maintenance. If you are one of them, the sandal luxury pools can resolve your issue by providing the best maintianing and pool building services. It is important to keep the pools maintain on regularly. Even some people make a schedule for cleaning the pool so that they can easily enjoy their time on weekend. However, maintianing the swimming pool also depends on how frequently you use the pool at your home. Some people use the cover to for their swimming pool and take off the cover on the special occasion. This way, they secure their pool from extra dust and debris.

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