New age printing with Ricoh Ri1000 printer

If you are looking to purchase a Ricoh Ri1000 printer, then you have come to the right place. The DTG pro platform has been supplying Ricoh Ri1000 printers for many years now. The Ri1000 is the perfect printer to compete with the traditional garment printer. The printer has been specifically devised for light-color printing. However, it can print on dark black colors, using white ink. Presently the Ricoh Ri1000 is considered to be the best garment printer in the market. This printer allows you to personalize t-shirts and bags according to your choice. These printers are highly trending in the current market. Moreover, the company producing the printers claims that they help in growing your business by tagging you on social media. The Ricoh ri1000 printer has become quite iconic under the direct-to-garment technology. DTG Pro is technologically quite innovative that not only provides innovative printers but also printer ink that has wide applicability. 

The Ricoh Ri1000 printer can be connected with the help of a USB, cord, and Wi-fi. The Ricoh printers are very convenient. Apart from the Ricoh Ri1000, the company also provides a wide range of technology and you can do an advanced search on the DTG platform to find a technology that is compatible with your device. The DTG Pro platform ensures fixing any issue with new purchases for free within 180 days of buying. Clients have verified that this warranty for 180 days is very helpful. When you buy a product from the DTG Pro platform to buy the Ri1000 printer then you also get different financial plans that help in maintaining a certain budget. 

If you use the DTG pro platform then you may get free shipping for certain qualified offers. If the order costs over $100 and is ordered from any US state then you may get free shipping opportunities. In addition, you can also get free shipping on OEM items or other heavy items. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer which consists of printers and other equipment. DTG pro usually takes a shipping charge of $4.95. Moreover, they provide clients with the option of one business day delivery, two business day delivery, and three-day delivery. The delivery charges are different for the three options and you can choose the delivery option that is most appropriate for you. 

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