ParentPay – A Solution For Schools

ParentPay is an industry-leading cashless payment software system serving over 11,000 schools throughout the UK, making payment management simpler by eliminating cash holding requirements and improving communication between parents and schools.

PayPoint can be used to pay for school meals, trips and activities such as lessons. Parents can fund their account online or at one of the PayPoint’s conveniently located PayPoint locations.

Easy to use

ParentPay Login allows parents to securely pay for school dinners, trips and other items online in a safe environment. Parents can log on using a unique login and password provided in a letter from their school and then make payments for activities associated with their child while keeping track of payment histories. In addition, this payment service offers automatic payments for recurring expenses that make payment easy!

This innovative system assists schools by helping reduce administrative time spent on banking procedures and sending reminder letters/texts to parents. Furthermore, this tool keeps accurate records of payments made to every service for every student and expedites refunds swiftly to the original payment card.

Pay for extra-curricular activities like school equipment, uniforms, exam fees, clubs and wraparound care using this simple payment platform. Parents can communicate any allergies they have with schools that could restrict menu options for at-risk pupils. Furthermore, this easy and secure payment platform offers full visibility of transactions – perfect for at-risk pupils!


ParentPay allows parents to quickly and efficiently pay for school meals, trips, clubs and other expenses without the burden of carrying cash to school themselves. Furthermore, traditional methods produce paper waste which takes too long for refund processing – ParentPay addresses both issues efficiently.

ParentPay requires parents to have a valid email address, username and password (which will come via an activation letter from their school), as well as multiple accounts linked so they can pay online securely with ease. Parents with multiple children attending different schools may link these accounts so one login can be used across them all – making for convenient payments online!

ParentPay is the UK market leader for electronic school payments, serving over 2,000 schools and 165 local authorities to manage their income. Clients include primary and secondary schools, nurseries and out of school services providers; it’s used by millions of parents worldwide to pay for everything from dinner money and trips to uniforms and music tuition tuition fees.

Cashless payments

ParentPay provides schools with an innovative payment system to allow parents and carers to safely make online payments for items such as dinner money, school trips and extracurricular activities. Schools can also use it to grant permission for certain events for which permission has already been given by using this solution.

ParentPay uses state-of-the-art security technologies to keep parents’ card details safe. Communications between ParentPay and card companies are encrypted, ensuring no one can read it.

Schools can make the cashless payments process simpler for parents and carers by consistently promoting online payments through their website, flyers and newsletters. Doing this will foster a culture of cashless payments within their school community and accept various payment types to accelerate parent participation while reaching their cashless target faster.


ParentPay provides tracking capabilities for parents and students, enabling them to view payment history, invoice itemizations and reminders as well as notifications and reminders. This transparency and communication helps students better manage their financial obligations while decreasing risks of theft or loss, and allows schools to streamline payment management processes.

Parents signing up for ParentPay will be guided through an easy and secure process to link their account with the school of their child’s choice, using credit/debit cards, bank transfers or PayPoint outlets as preferred payment methods and receiving notifications about payment deadlines or updates from their child’s school.

This payment platform is used by schools throughout the UK to collect online payments for trips, lunches, clubs and catering service companies. Parents can pay using their phone, tablet or computer and access is available 24 hours per day seven days per week.

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